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intuitive healing 

a holistic, 



path to trauma recovery + 

mental health

you are welcome here

living with trauma can be isolating and overwhelming. you may be feeling disconnected from yourself and others. you may not know where to turn or how to get started. you are not alone. together, we can create a warm, safe space for you to heal.

intuitive healing is


in contrast to traditional western counselling, intuitive healing honours spirit, mind, and body equally. inspired by the wholeness and continuity of a circle, each of these parts has a voice and a unique role in guiding us toward resolution. we reclaim ourselves through a variety of
pre-colonial and ancestral healing modalities.


when we are in traumatic and triggering circumstances, our brain's "thinking" parts go offline and the survival brain, or "the body" takes over. this is why trauma often gets "stuck" or stored in the body and why talk-based approaches can feel inadequate. instead of focusing solely on the mind, we will slowly and gently engage the body, exploring and being with the sources of uncomfortable and triggering sensations.


you are the expert of your own being! we each have a source of internal wisdom and power within us, yet many of us become disconnected from these places of knowing through trauma. fir moon is a support in accessing your intuitive guide and healing path. together, we will help you reclaim and integrate all the parts of yourself.

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