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Candy Cotton

Hi! I'm fir moon.
I am a queer woman of colour.
I am a trauma worker, a healer, an artist, and a community organizer.
Over the last decade, it has been my absolute joy to empower and support folks who have experienced trauma to reclaim themselves through community-based mental health practices. I have been  honoured to learn from my many teachers in my work; 

the under-resourced and IBPOC youth, the young adults with developmental dis/abilities,
the adults with physical and visual diverse abilities, the survivors of gender -based and sexual violence, the 2SLGBTQ+ and specifically gender diverse youth. I have walked alongside these teachers, on my own path toward healing and wholeness. It is my greatest passion to share this gift of learning and my life's work with those seeking a deeper understanding of the self and their own experiences.  

 In togetherness, we explore ourselves, we witness, we learn, we express, we let go, we reclaim.

By creating community-based opportunities for healing, we lean into the nature of healing; together

1:1 intuitive healing sessions

self discovery and expression through practices of mindfulness, bodywork, and creative arts.

small group healing circles
community-based opportunities to be witnessed, to express, to see ourselves and our stories as part of a whole.


a combination of institutional education, lived experience, traditional alternative healing, and

intuitive gifts has led me to create and share intuitive healing practices with fellow survivors of trauma.

the path behind me

having begun my journey in the eurocentric model of learning, a bachelor of arts in psychology, I soon found that the field lacked a humanness that felt integral to, well, working with humans.

I learned that the ground beneath my feet had long since been tended by the Indigenous, Black and Brown feminists, the Two-Spirit, Trans, and gender diverse folks, the dis/diversely abled. their hard work had prepared the land, nourished the soil, so that I could now step forward and sew the seeds of my own healing.

I went on to complete a practicum-heavy certificate program focused on trauma recovery and support, rehabilitative services + life skills coaching, as well as a concentration in gender studies.

it was here that I began to learn firsthand from the communities I was supporting. I began to witness the resilience, the compassion, the depth of understanding that came from within both the individual and the community as a whole. 

 I started to imagine a new way of doing this healing work; centering each individual as their own expert, as their own healer with a unique path to healing.

paralleling this external work, was my own healing process - a journey to move through the early experiences of trauma in my own life and the ensuing complex-PTSD. while many parts that were scattered have returned, I believe that I walk a lifelong path toward wholeness.

I am personally grateful for my own experiences of trauma and healing as they have deepened my capacity to extend empathy, non-judgement, and self-determination to myself and all who may cross my path.


I honour the common threads of healing;

the draw of  expression and witnessing,

the power of creativity and curiosity to shift us from within,

the need to make meaning of our experiences and

for that meaning to be honoured within a community that cares for and understands us.

the wisdom that
lives within

new path


my own
intuitive healing

gratitude for
those that lit
the way

in community

  • leading a counselling and education based program for gender-based violence and sexual violence focusing on 2SLGBTQ+ and BIPOC survivors

  • leading an arts and literacy based program for young people, primarily IBPOC, who have experienced trauma.

  • creating a counselling and life skills coaching program for young adults with diverse abilities who have experienced trauma

  • co-ordinating a nonprofit supporting young people using substances and/or with complex trauma, some who were in specialized foster care 

  • steering an arts and diverse ability agency

some of my work

I continue to walk my healing path alongside each of you and our community. ongoing learning is deeply important to me as a lifelong learner, as well as a practitioner.

it is my greatest joy to walk this path alongside fellow survivors and those on a mental health journey. led by my heart, I offer my learnings and extend the invitation to you.

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